„Eigner-Girls“ girls win unexpectedly against the lynxes from Hannover

The Eigner Angels achieved an extraordinary feat against the fourth-placed team from Hannover. With a brilliant team performance in offense as well as defense, the Hannover Luchse were defeated 76:60, with Canadian Sami Hill and Finnish national player Elina Koskimies standing out.

Under other circumstances, the performance of the Hanoverians in Nördlingen would probably have been celebrated as a class trip and a big reunion: the three ex-Wasserburg players Moten, Zipser and Eckerle back in Bavaria, the ex-Angels Tarasava, McCray and Parsons back at their old place of work, not to forget team manager Doro Richter. In the end, however, it’s not about resentment in professional sports, but about points, and both teams didn’t want to show any weakness.

As if inspired by the presence of her daddy who flew in from California, Asha Thomas from Noerdlingen started as if there was no tomorrow. Eight of the first nine Angels points went to her account. Spurred on by her performance, the hosts quickly took an 18:11 lead. Then the Finnish national duo added six more points and the Riesers were sensationally ahead 26:13 at the quarter break.

At the beginning of the second period, the Lynxes impressively proved that Hannover is not at the top of the table by chance. Again and again, Hannover’s Brossmann and McCray grabbed offensive rebounds and reduced their deficit. „Play our game“ drowned out Nördlingen’s vocal coach Tony Imreh to the 160 spectators present in Hermann-Keßler-Halle despite the 2G rule and his girls promptly followed his call. Bianca Helmig took the ball out of her opponents‘ hands twice, while her angelic colleagues concentrated on their strengths: Koskimies scored under the basket, Hill from the outside and all grabbed together in the fight for the rebound. The Angels‘ 43:25 halftime lead was the logical consequence of an outstanding team performance in the first half of the match.

What is an 18-point halftime lead in top-level basketball? Nothing, or almost nothing. After two and a half minutes it was only ten. With threes and offensive rebounds, the guests exposed a few weak points of the Angels, but the fighting strength of Hill and Co proved resilience. The space available here does not allow us to list the countless spectacular scenes of the third quarter. But when Sami Hill sprints across the field with her outstanding speed like a slalom runner with a ball, it is not only worth mentioning, it takes the spectators‘ breath away. But the Canadian not only delivered excellent offensive actions, she also put Hannover’s top star Moten on the chain, so that she remained far below her possibilities. The home team led by 15 points at the beginning of the last period, which Hill & Co used for a show. Even if the forces visibly dwindled, which was no wonder due to the extreme intensity of the game, the Angels left nothing to be desired on this Sunday, played out their entire routine and pulled the Luchsen with 76:60 the tooth. 15 steals compared to 9 for Hannover and 12 assists compared to 7 underline the superiority of the home team in defense and team play. If now still Haslé -Lagemann and Wilson return to the team, which is only a matter of time, can also attack the upper regions of the table.

For the Angels played :
Asha Thomas (15, 3 threes), Mona Berlitz, Amenze Obanor, Elina Koskimies (19.1, 12 rebounds), Sami Hill (21.1), Marina Dzinic (3), Anissa Pounds (10.2), Bianca Helmig (8), Mariam Haslé-Lagemann.

Two-pointer ratio: 24 of 46 (52%)
Three-point percentage: 7 of 21 (33%)
Free throws: 71 of 10 (70%)
Rebound duel: 43:49