The temporary rebellion is not enough

Photo: Thomas Brünning

In front of the eyes of MDR television and a large public, the Eigner Angels Nördlingen failed to advertise their own cause at the Gisa Lions from Halle. With 61:76 (halftime 33:45) they lost surprisingly clear against last year’s playoff participant and allowed the hosts to get their second win of the season. For the Kraterbasketballerinnen it was the fifth defeat of this season. For the battered Rieserinnen, the two-week international break now comes as called.

Rarely one saw such a catastrophic start of the Angels, rarely saw the Hallenser this season a so dominant playing up home team. After 20 sec. the first missed basket by the Nördlingen girls, after 80 sec. already the second foul of the Finnish sharpshooter in the service of the Angels, Anissa Pounds. After 140 seconds, the Lions had an 8:0 lead, 3:0 fouls by the Riesers, no goal from four attempts and a first tap into the Hallensian press defense, which immediately led to 10:0 and forced coach Ajtony Imreh to a first timeout. The scoreboard read 2:45 played when Angels captain Sami Hill scored the first two points for her team (10-2). It wasn’t until the final third of the first period that Hill’s squad got going better, closing out the quarter on a reasonably friendly note at 14-22.

At the beginning of the second ten minutes, it looked like the Angels were going to bounce back against the Lionesses. Although they immediately conceded a three-pointer, Elina Koskimies countered with a 5:0 run. The Angels were within striking distance at 24:19. The third foul of the this time unfortunate acting Anissa Pounds in the 12th minute made the Angels again a line through the calculation. It went over a 27:19 to 43:27 in the 18th minute. Sami Hill earned the predicate „lion’s heart“ in the Gisa Lions‘ den at this point, throwing herself against the hosts‘ attacks over and over again, but could not prevent the unpleasant 33:45 halftime score on her own.

In the third quarter the Eigner Angels – fan showed then the hoped for reaction. Driven by team captain Sami Hill, the guests from the Ries took on the now more physical game of the Hallenserinnen. After four minutes they had actually worked their way up to 46:50. But whenever you thought the momentum was swinging to the Angels, unfortunate things happened. So did the ominous fourth foul on Anissa Pounds. „In the small rotation we have to play, things like that don’t help us,“ Angels coach Ajtony Imreh stated after the game. The chances to equalize were there, but the Hallensers now defended their basket with all means, physically through cleverly placed fouls and above all through a very long substitutes‘ bench, which has been unavailable to the Noerdlingen girls for weeks due to injuries. So it came as it had to come: when it got tight, the Angels lacked strength. Unfortunate actions like the buzzer beater before the end of the quarter to 62:53 hurt even more.

Nevertheless, the Rieserinnen could decide this quarter with 20:17 for themselves, but the lead of the Lions only reduced by three points.

The Nördlingen bad luck should also remain companion of the last quarter. Two „and one“ plays by the Lions (points with simultaneous foul plus bonus free throw) extended the lead of the Saxony-Anhalt girls (67:55, 32nd minute). In addition, the balls fell through the Nördlingen trap from the most impossible positions. Only Sami Hill was able to keep up the rhythm in the attack. The 76:61 defeat, which joins a negative series against Halle, could not be averted.
The statistics show a superiority of the Lions in all areas, but that is only one side of the coin. Coach Ajtony Imreh referred to the training sessions and match preparations of the last weeks: „If you don’t prepare well, you can’t win matches. If you don’t have fit players in training, you can’t prepare well.“ Thus, all eyes now turn to the international break and a possible return of a full Eigner Angel team on 21.11. in their own hall against Hannover.

Asha Thomas (13 points / 1 three-pointer ), Mona Berlitz (0), Amenze Obanor (2)Elina Koskimies (16/1), Sami Hill (18/2), Marina Dzinic (1), Mariam Hasle-Lagemann (dnp), Meg Wilson (dnp), Anissa Pounds (9), Bianca Helmig (2). Free throw percentage 17/21 (80%), three-point percentage 4/16 (25%), rebounds 22.

The most successful players for Halle were: Kasparkova (19), Schinkel (11), Thomas (10).
Free throw percentage 10/12 (83%), three-point percentage 4/12 (33%), rebounds 30.