If you play in Schafkopf „without four“, the chances of winning are relatively poor. On the contrary, it can even become quite sad, because expensive. As far as the Owner Angels are concerned, at least the last Tuesday practice was a sad event. After Mariam Hasle-Lagemann and Meg Wilson are still suffering from their injuries and will definitely be out for the difficult away game next Sunday in Wasserburg, Bianca Helmig and Mona Berlitz have also called off sick to coach Ajtony Imreh. If now also still Mesi Obanor their announced and agreed upon vacation this week starts it becomes empty in the resounds and in the team bus. A difficult situation, in which the Angels team is straight, sees one the goal of the Play Offs up-to-date nevertheless endangered. Because just against Wasserburg and Marburg the Rieserinnen expected chances on points, after one in the last three plays against the German champion Keltern, the vice-champion from Osnabrück and last Sunday against the unbeaten leader Rhineland Lions delivered mad play, but the points in the last play minutes for lack of change possibilities to leave had.

Who did the Angels actually lose this high-intensity game to on Sunday?
For one, there was Taylor Wurtz, top scorer against the owner Angels with 23 points. The 31-year-old U.S. native came over from the French league’s Landerneau Bretagne Baskets. She is followed in scoring (18 points) as well as career scoring by Frenchwoman Joyce Megane Cousseins-Smith, also from Landerneau. Wasn’t there something? Ex-Angel and national center Luisa Geiselsöder moved to exactly this French club two years ago. Birte Timm (8) and Luisa Koop (8), two experienced former German internationals, also played for the financially strong upstart from the Bergisches Land region, which boasts other top-class players. Timm, in particular, was considered the biggest German basketball talent when she married. In the meantime, the 34-year-old is taking it easy, but no less exciting.

All in all, the Lions were stronger individually and in terms of personnel than the Angels, who in return showed a great Lion heart and gave the championship favorite a great fight. Unfortunately unsuccessfully (75:81). Only against TSV Wasserburg, the upcoming opponents of the crater basketballers, it was tighter for the Rhinelanders (64:69). Against the German champion from Keltern there was for it a victory with 22 points difference.

Despite a newly levied service fee of €5.00 for match-day bookings in the hall, CFO Peter Struck had to work overtime again. The last visitor came actually after the first quarter still and wanted to buy tickets with him. The team around the Eigner Angels therefore asks all visitors to get tickets online in time before the game (eigner-angels.de). To make it even easier for visitors, from Monday, 25.10.2021 at the DIADA Fashion Outlet in Deininger Straße 4 from Monday to Saturday from 09.30Uhr to 18.30Uhr an Online ticket sales possible.

A great match has been chosen by the travel agency Grimmer and the company Moll Parkett- und Fußbodentechnik. Both companies participated in the poster campaign of the Owner Angels and won two tickets each for the last home game against the Rheinland Lions. The action, to which newsletter subscribers are asked to display the home game posters of the Angels representative and to communicate this, will start again to the next home game against Marburg on 31.10.2021.