If the Eigner Angels – team had not traveled last Sunday with a convalescent „one-eyed“ (Elina Koskimies, eye injury, 13 points) and also almost recovered „one-legged“ (Asha Thomas, muscle fiber tear, 6 points), perhaps more would have been in it than a narrow and quite respectable 73:78 defeat. It was encouraging to see how both players put themselves at the service of the team despite their ailments and allowed their team to dream of a sensation until shortly before the end. Both of them, together with the whole team, give hope for another good season.

If there is a darn year, then it is definitely not the seventh year for Angel Amenze Obanor. The native of Münster is in fact in her seventh season in Noerdlingen. „Mesi“ actually wanted to take a break from basketball and devote more time to her job and family. After four days of play and one cup game, the 35-year-old has averaged just under 20 minutes of play, 4.5 points and 4 rebounds. Proof of her remarkable team spirit was the long trip to Osnabrück, which the center had not actually planned but nevertheless made successfully due to the injury worries of the Eigner Angels.
If the two injured Angels Mariam Hasle-Lagemann and Meg Willson could return to training this week and the team would be complete for the first time this season, it will be difficult for any opponent in the 1st Women’s Basketball Bundesliga. So it should be on the coming Sunday from 16.00Uhr. Then the Rieser Ballkünstlerinnen meet namely in the Hermann-Keßler-Halle on the ascent and undefeated table leader from Bergisch-Gladbach. The Rhineland Lions swept the German champions from Keltern with 97:75 from the court and underlined their current top position and remain unbeaten…

…if the Eigner Angels don’t manage a coup together with the audience in the Nördlingen Hexenkessel (tickets on the eigner-angels homepage). In the long history of the Bundesliga, the various Angel teams have managed to upset a favorite more than once. So why not the lions? The team around coach Ajtony Imreh is hot and motivated to the hair tips. They also want to secure their current ninth place in the table. And as you know the 45-year-old Hungarian, he is already meticulously working on a match plan.

When the unbeaten league leader Rhineland Lions meets the also unbeaten reigning German basketball champion Rutronik Stars Keltern, one would think that the women’s basketball nation, if not live on site and watching the Angels, hangs spellbound on the screen and follows this game in the stream. Far from it, because the most streamed game on Sporttotal was: Osnabrück against (surprise!) the Eigner Angels. In general, the Angels seem to be very camera-savvy. Together with the Eisvögeln from Freiburg, they are one of the most popular teams to watch and attract the most viewers both live in the stream and on demand.

If fans want to buy tickets at the box office until 15:45, they recently pay 5.00 € service fee. This is intended to regulate the rush of last-minute buyers. The whole thing is more customer-friendly and cheaper if tickets are booked on Fridays between 15:00 and 17:00 at Kultwork, Polizeigasse 4 in Noerdlingen. No matter how, thanks to the new Infektionsschutzmassnahmenverordnung one plans with the Angels to offer the counter operation. Time and leisure thus for the fans to let pass the seen in the acquaintance circle together in review.

If the season were over now, there would be a rude awakening for some teams: The Royals from Saarlouis around ex-Angel Meggy Meynadier lost at home against TSV Wasserburg 71:83. Despite a good first quarter and an interim eleven-point lead, the Saarlanders could not prevent the first victory of the Bavarians and continue to wait for the premiere points of this young season. The Bascats from Heidelberg narrowly missed their first win of the season. In their home game against Marburg, currently eighth in the table, they lost the third quarter by a clear 4:16 after still leading 36:34 at halftime. The Lions from Halle are also still winless. The last team in the table went home with a clear 55:76 defeat at the hands of the Freiburg team, which is still without a loss. As a reminder, this season the league is playing with 14 teams and will play out four relegations. The first eight teams will crown their champions in the play offs.