Strongly handicapped Angels sell respectably in Osnabrück

GiroLive Panthers Osnabrück – Eigner Angels Noerdlingen 78:73 (27:27, 15:13, 18:17, 18:16)

The Eigner Angels fought through four very close quarters at the GiroLive Panthers in Osnabrück and earned great respect from everyone for their attitude and fighting spirit. Even though it was always close and several times a tie was shown on the scoreboard, the guests from the Ries did not manage to take the lead at any time, so that in the end the 73:78 defeat was acceptable.

The conditions for the match with the runner-up in Osnabrück were conceivably bad, so bad that one inquired even with the opponent whether the play could be shifted. After this was not possible, one offered evenly, which one could offer. After all, coach Ajtony Imreh had eight players at his disposal, but Elina Koskiemies and Asha Thomas were not yet fully fit, while Meg Wilson and Mariam Haslé-Lagemann did not even make the trip to the north.
Osnabrück demonstrated total dominance right from the start with a 10-2 lead, so the Angels had to shake themselves first. But then they did and with success. Marina Dzinic and Mesi Obanor with beautiful actions at the basket and the Finnish wing tongs named Pounds/Koskimies from the outside, partly from far out, provided spectacular points to the astonishment of the Osnabrück audience and equalized at the end of an offensively refreshing first quarter at 27:27. The realization that they could keep up here despite all adversity fired the Eigner squad’s self-confidence. Asha Thomas‘ first minutes of action in a competitive match were particularly pleasing from Nördlingen’s point of view. Although her lack of playing experience was noticeable, this did not stop the US girl from pulling the trigger when she was completely free at the three-point line and scoring her first points in an Angels jersey. Spurred on by that, a once again sacrificially fighting Sami Hill and Anissa Pounds did the same and kept the score close at 42:40 at the break siren and that after a half in which the Angels were not awarded a single free throw. In words, zero free throws in twenty minutes.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Osnabrück took advantage of some lack of concentration on the part of the Angels and packed nine points between themselves and the guests in no time. While the Panthers consistently carried the ball to the Noerdlingen basket and scored or were fouled there, the guests mainly fed off their threes. Nine hit distance shots after 30 minutes played kept Hill and Co in the game. Osnabrück’s lead was only three points at the beginning of the final quarter. In view of the starting position, this interim result must be seen as a success, but a success for which nothing can be bought, at least not points for the standings. In fact, an away win and thus a real sensation would have been within the realm of possibility, had they not acted a bit headless in the last three attacks of the match, so that the Panthers Osnabrück could record their first home win with 78:73. Their US girl Jill Townshend was the outstanding player with 26 points and could not be stopped by the Angels defense.
Despite the away defeat, the positive impressions outweigh the negative ones for the Riesers. Not only that they did not let themselves be defeated despite the unfavorable starting position, but also several individual bright spots that let the Angels‘ officials and fans look positively ahead, especially the fact that Asha Thomas is finally fit for action. With two three-pointers, the Californian has already shown that she can not only control the game, but also score. Center Marina Dzinic’s performance curve is also clearly pointing upwards. Amenze Obanor confirmed her current excellent form once again with an impressive performance on both sides of the court. This positive trend is to be continued next Sunday, even if the surprise team of the season, the Rheinland Lions, will then do the honors in Noerdlingen.

In Osnabrück played for the Angels: 
Asha Thomas (6, 2 threes), Mona Berlitz (2), Amenze Obanor (6), Elina Koskimies (13.3), Sami Hill (20.2), Marina Dzinic (9), Anissa Pounds (15, 3), Bianca Helmig (2).

Two-pointer ratio: 16 of 33 (48%)
Three-point percentage: 10 of 24 (41%)
Free throws: 11 of 14 (78%)
Rebound duel: 27:27