Stefan Riess was amazed. When the driver, bus operator and at the same time owner of the new 430hp team bus of the owner Angels took the team from Noerdlingen back on board, he and the team were in a party mood. „Actually, I was thinking of driving over to Bochum for the Bundesliga soccer game against VfB Stuttgart and inviting the basketball players back later. Fortunately, I stayed with the team and was able to watch an incredibly exciting match. I didn’t expect it like that.“ Visibly fired up by the team and the good atmosphere, Riess also enjoyed the tour he took with TC Herne officials through and around the new rolling 13mtr long, 3.77mtr high and 15.5t heavy living room of the Nördlingen women’s basketball team’s three-axle, 36-seat flagship. „They were already amazed not bad. Funny, too, that complete strangers honked and waved at us on the highway and in town.“ That’s how it could continue for the next 10,000 away kilometers, he said. „Only the singing has to improve!“ smirked entrepreneur Riess.

Angels – Chief Financial Officer Peter Struck then also admitted a certain share in the victory of the Rieserinnen of the relaxed journey with the spacious bus. „It is simply a different travel. Not only more comfortable, but also much safer and more sustainable.“ Previously, he said, they had traveled with two minibuses, consumed much more diesel, caused more CO2 and noise, and also took longer for the players to shake the journey out of their bones. „Now we left at seven, consumed with 23ltr per 100km much less fuel than usual, the players could still rest comfortably or even sleep and after 500km one got out relaxed,“ said Struck, who along with Sascha Kosiurak was formerly one of the two drivers of the minibuses mentioned and thus co-sufferer. Now the Angels travel with 5-star equipment and a number of safety features that benefit both people and the environment.

Nevertheless, the owner Angels did not make a relaxed impression on the field for a long time. It was only after halftime that the team found itself to some extent and fought down TC Herne with a show of will. The deserved 68:67 victory was a surprise, but sensational was the high home victory in the lion duel of promoted Rheinland Lions against Gisa Lions from Halle (87:52). Serial champion TSV Wasserburg lost at home to runner-up Osnabrück 65:73, while the victory of the German champions from Keltern in Marburg at last year’s third in the table was close (71:70). The upcoming opponent of the Eigner Angels on Friday, 01.10.2021 at 19.30, the SNP Bascats from USC Heidelberg, clearly drew the short straw at home against the Violets from Göttingen with 67:82. The dribble artists from the Ries still have a score to settle with Heidelberg, as the team from the Neckar kicked the team from Noerdlingen out of the 2020/2021 cup. Good conditions for emotions.

Emotions also bubbled up from Nördlingen’s head coach Ajtony Imreh when he received congratulations from the mayor David Wittner and the two managing directors of the name-giving Eigner Bauunternehmung, Werner Luther and Wolfram Uhl. „After the last Corona year, it is so good for the team, the environment and me personally to get positive feedback. The team deserved this and the victory in Herne so much.“ Imreh, still in disbelief about the victory, even spoke of a sensation: „Herne was able to work with a much larger rotation (12 players) than we did (8 players).“ He explicitly praised his captain Sami Hill, who went at a high pace and at the same time defended well against Herne’s best, Kristina Topuzovic (17 points). The Finnish national player in Angels – dress, Elina Koskimies (20 points) also received a lot of positive feedback. „Elina defended excellently, made a decisive three-pointer and was the match-winner“. The 45-year-old Hungarian was not satisfied with the inside play. „We need to play more through Marina Dzinic and Meg Wilson and act more dangerously in the zone“. A point Imreh wants to address immediately for the home game against Heidelberg on Friday.