The people in charge of Eigner Angels Nördlingen have a wide range of interests and commitments. Up to highest political circles now Angels executive committee member Monika Stöcklein advances. The secretary of the Angels will be received and honored today in Berlin (23.09.2021) by ex-Federal President and patron of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Christian Wulff, in the Berlin Glass Palace. Stöcklein, who herself suffers from MS, is involved in the „Telefon Paten Aktion für Multiple Sklerose-Betroffene“ (Telephone Sponsorship Campaign for Multiple Sclerosis Affected Persons) and actively cares for two affected persons by telephone. The motto of the World MS Day is „stay connected“. In the context of this, Monika Stöcklein has recorded a podcast with the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Especially in Corona times with the respective contact restrictions, the spontaneous but regular calls were a blessing for those affected by MS. These waited daily to hear from the 60-year-old Nördlingerin. „You exchange ideas and talk about food, what you cook, what’s going on in both our lives.“ So „Moni,“ as she is called everywhere, gives her „godchildren“ the feeling that they are not alone. „We are affected people, not sick people.“ Stöcklein attaches importance to the correct articulation. The German Multiple Sclerosis Society cares for about 20,000 patients in Bavaria alone. With her work for the DMSG, Monika Stöcklein encourages MS sufferers, receives a lot of positive feedback in return, and she thus scores the real „big points“ in life.

There were no big surprises in the second round of the DBBL Cup. The match between Eigner Angels Nördlingen and inexio Royals Saarlouis (75:63) was the only Bundesliga clash besides the clash between TSV Wasserburg and runner-up SNP Bascats USC Heidelberg (69:61). The match between Gisa Lions SV Halle and the Violets from Göttingen will be made up. Second-division MTV Stuttgart, the hosts, were beaten by the defending champions and German champions from Keltern: 28:101 sounds as bad as the Stuttgart women’s test match defeat in Nördlingen. Rhineland Lions, who are on the rise, made similarly short work of the VfL Astroladies in Bochum. With a 101:38 win, the Rhinelanders left no doubt about their progress. The third round will be drawn at the beginning of November.

Sami Hill would have preferred to play with rather than against her former team captain Maggy Meynadier. So the new leader of the Eigner Angels had no choice but to forget the friendly ties and poured in 14 points for the Saarlanders. To that end, she led a team onto the court that was brimming with confidence and brilliantly adjusted to its opponent by coach Ajtony Imreh. „We were able to prove again as a team that we still have a lot to do this season.“ said the Canadian national player in the service of the Eigner Angels. Had one suffered in the Angels Cup still a narrow final defeat (79:85) against the royals, the guests did not really get a leg on the Nördlingen parquet. Coach Imreh’s tactical move of appointing Amenze Obanor, his most experienced player, to the starting five was also a fine one. „Mesi“ visibly enjoyed it, repaid the coach’s trust and stood in the way of the Saarlanders wherever she could. Effective defense with surprise potential is what you call that. Surprising also: the Angels Cup MVP from Saarlouis, Addison Richards (10 points) remained in efficiency values far behind the second most valuable player of the preparation tournament, Angel and youth national player Bianca Helmig (7 points).

Four „Kraterbasketballerinnen“ with double-digit point yield, in all relevant areas superior to the opponent, deservedly won: so the game can be summarized briefly. Before the game, one was by no means sure in the camp of the Noerdlingerinnen that one could go to dinner in such a good mood after the game. But the cup game is in the past, since the beginning of the week the focus is already on the Bundesliga opener in Herne next Sunday. The game was moved from Saturday to Sunday due to hall problems. The second of last year’s points round and playoff semifinalist had more trouble than it should have with the second-division team Eintracht Braunschweig with 63:50. For the first time in the 2021/2022 point round, the Eigner Angels will then face Heidelberg on Friday, 01.10.2021 at 19.30.

Tickets are available online on the Angels homepage, www.eigner-angels.de.