Angels make win clear early

Depending on the product, Product Information Management includes, for example, statements on operating temperature, speed or emission and vibration values. If the marketing department of the Eigner Angels under Peter Struck had to deliver such a PIM system for the dribbling Riesers and their product „women’s basketball“, the adjectives hot, high and critical could be applied with a clear conscience: the operating temperature was hot for the Eigner Angels, the rotational speed was high and the vibration values were critical for the hand-arm strain of the Nördlingen fans.

The sound emissions in the Hermann-Keßler-Halle broke through the 80dB mark for the first time in countless Corona months, and since it is well known that effort comes before success in the alphabet, the numerous Noerdlingen fans gave their best right at the start. Noerdlingen’s Meg Wilson used this push for four points in the first minute. Mariam Hasle-Lagemann contributed a wonderful „not in my house“ block in the attentive Rieser defense, which Wilson again used in return for two points (2.min, 6:0). The surprisingly in the starting five of the Eigner Angels Amenze Obanor increased even to 8:0 after a great defensive work. Hack, tip, one two Meg Wilson poured on 10:0 (3.min). Heidelberg didn’t really know what hit them. However, you have to give them credit for arriving late due to traffic jams, which is why the game started ten minutes late. Nevertheless, the Ries defense wall held until the fourth minute, when Esther Fokke scored the first points for the Bascats. Then calm returned to the floor in terms of points for the time being. In the seventh minute Jelena Nikpaljevic netted for 12:7 and Angels coach was forced to get his ladies back on track. The defense of the Rieserinnen stood again better and they got themselves despite small carelessness deservedly the first quarter with 19:8, after Nördlingens Anissa Pounds still shone with a three-pointer.

After motto crying is only, if it bleeds strongly or stands out, began the Kraterbasketballerinnen the second quarter similarly aggressively as the first. Points gave it however for it little (22:8, 12.min). Pounds on the side of Noerdlingen and Nikpaljevic on the side of Heidelberg screwed a little on the result with one three-pointer each (25:11, 14.min.). The game under the opponent’s basket, criticized by Coach Imreh in Herne, again took place rather rarely. Heidelberg, meanwhile again and again in the zone defense, could not catch up nevertheless really. It was pleasing that in this phase, Noerdlingen’s young national player Bianca Helmig was able to offer playmaker Sami Hill valuable breathing space and also scored (30:17, 16.min). The numerous sponsors of the Eigner Angels and Crailsheim Merling’s manager Martin Romig saw a very committed Angel team, which once again knew how to please in defense. Youngster Helmig closed the second quarter with a cheeky finish and scored the 43:21 half-time score. Clear words spoke the half-time statistics beside the points: 12 Nördlinger Steals, 17 Rebounds: Sweat flows, if muscles cry. Exactly what the approx. 250 Angel fans wanted to see.

Two turnovers by the Heidelberg girls, two points by „Mesi“ Obanor and four successful free throws by Elina Koskimies countered the SPN Bascats by return. Obanor, in her sixth season for the Angels, scored with her points seven and eight and brought the fans back to operating temperature. The game was now rippling along, the teams drew their fouls and the flow of the game was gone for now (52:27, 25.min.). It was the worst phase for the girls from Noerdlingen, who picked up four defensive fouls in a row, but Heidelberg could not really capitalize on them. Once again, Coach Imreh trusted his young guard with Bianca Helmig and Mona Berlitz, also in view of Sunday’s difficult match with the German champions in Keltern. They had to manage their strength. They helped and paid back their coach with good play. In general, it was reassuring that every Noerdlingen line-up always had the game under control. With 64:41 the Angels went into the last quarter, into which Sami Hill started with her fourth foul. But that didn’t worry anyone with a 69:43 lead with eight minutes to go, as they had a good backup in Helmig. The Rieserinnen now tried to bring the game to a close while conserving their energy. In the 36th minute, four Angels were charged with four fouls each (72:50). First to the shower, however, had Heidelberg’s Fallyn de Freye, immediately followed by Angels Marina Dzinic (39.min. 79:56). And Mesi Obanor, who came on for Dzinic, did not last long on the floor either and fouled out. All this had no more effect on the unchallenged 79:58 home victory of the Eigner Angels, who confirm their positive trend with it.

Three must-win games, three victories: on to Keltern!

Mona Berlitz (5 points), Amenze Obanor (8), Elina Koskimies (10), Sami Hill (6), Marina Dzinic (6), Mariam Hasle-Lagemann (5), Meg Wilson (17), Anissa Pounds (12), Bianca Helmig (10).

Most successful for Heidelberg were: Esther Fokke (17) and Jelena Nikpaljevic (10).