First home game of the 14th Bundesliga season

After a good start of the Eigner Angels in the season 2021/2022 with a cup victory against Saarlouis and the 68:67 away victory in the first league game at TC Herne it goes today at 19.30Uhr in the Hermann-Keßler-Halle against the Bascats of the SPN USC Heidelberg. There are maps today (Friday) also in the Nördlinger Kultwork in the police lane of 15.00 to 17.00Uhr. Important for team and environment will be thereby above all to keep the good mood with maximum ground adhesion.

Bad mood one had with the last defeat in Heidelberg. Just out of quarantine and without training, the Angels had to fight the Bascats for a spot in the Top 4 final. A conceivably bad position to achieve a season goal and somehow still save the Corona season. The 93-65 defeat was then not only not surprising, it actually felt miserable. The league home game in January against the Bascats had to be cancelled altogether due to Corona. But that’s in the past. Tonight there are enough reasons to come to the Hermann-Keßler-Halle with a grin: for one thing, the Eigner Angels have a clean slate after two competitive games. They also want to keep it, the birthday of Angel Elina Koskimies on Saturday then celebrates all the better. The Finnish national player burned off with the victory in Herne a firework of her basketball art and may enjoy certainly a special guarding. Another reason to celebrate is the 60th anniversary of Gerlinger Klebeband. A 30-strong delegation from the company in Noerdlingen will hopefully help to create a party atmosphere this evening. The reason for this, however, must be provided by the crater basketball players. With high running readiness and passion the Rieserinnen around captain Sami Hill and Marina Dzinic could exist in Herne. Qualities that are known to go down well with the crowd in Noerdlingen. Supported by Mariam Hasle-Lagemann and Meg Wilson, by the young guns Mona Berlitz and Bianca Helmig and with the calmness and composure of their most experienced player, Amenze Obanor, there is only one directive for tonight: to put last season’s last-place team in its place. The one or other three-pointer from sharpshooter Anissa Pounds will also help. The Finn in the Angelsdress should be particularly motivated, nevertheless, she received again an invitation in her national team and would be beside Koskimies the second active Finnish national player.

The Heidelbergerinnen have, like the Eigner Angels, a large upheaval to cope with. This one seems to be more difficult, at least from the results achieved so far. In the cup, they lost in Wasserburg, and they lost the opening game of the league against the highly rated Violets from Göttingen. However, if you look at the opening opponents of the Bascats, these are definitely calibers against which you do not necessarily have to win in order to survive in the 14-team 1st league.

But basketball in the fifth largest city of Baden-Wuerttemberg has tradition and one does not leave itself by the negative experiences surely to worry. Points must be fetched elsewhere. There the Nördlingerinnen fit rather into the Beuteschema, particularly since the temptation in the crater whether the small Rieser high flight fast carelessly to become, is quite given. Coach Ajtony Imreh works vehemently against it: „With Heidelberg on Friday and in Keltern we have two very heavy plays before the breast. Heidelberg is the first league home game and the tension is high. We have to stay focused and, above all, keep our feet on the ground,“ he warns.

Above all, Sunday’s game with the cup winners and German champions, the Rutronik Stars from Keltern, can serve to regain any lost traction. Because here it will depend especially on the individual attitude of the girls from Noerdlingen. Keltern is considered to be the favorite for the championship and the cup, and it is easy to go down to defeat against the Stars. Then it is not only a matter of the good physicality of the Rieserinnen, but also the morale must be right and the will to hold properly against it. In short: a real team test. Keltern coach Christian Hergenröther’s squad, which is once again well-stocked, won its opening game in Marburg, last year’s league third-place finisher, by a narrow 71-70 margin.

The team from Noerdlingen will be satisfied if they can finish the English week with 4 points. That would be important, because after the champions on Sunday, the runners-up in Osnabrück await the good-humored team from the Ries on 10.10.2021.