Eigner Angels throw a good team from Saarlouis out of the cup and set an exclamation mark

Eigner Angels Noerdlingen – inexio Saarlouis Royals 75:63 (24:14, 20:16, 21:17, 10:16)

These Angels are a force to be reckoned with this season. In dominant fashion with 75:63, the newly formed Eigner Angels throw the first division rival from Saarlouis out of the cup competition. Basis of the victory was an extremely homogeneous team performance. Canadian Meg Wilson stood out in numbers by putting up her first double-double in the Angels jersey.

1500 spectators would have been allowed in the Hermann-Keßler-Halle at the cup fight between the two first lists from Saarlouis and Nördlingen. But Corona also leaves its long-term traces here and it will probably take some time until the owner Angels have their regular audience in four-digit numbers in the hall again. The match against the Royals would have deserved in any case more Zuspruch than the present paying 130 fans.

The Angels also started right away, that the guests became dizzy. An 11-0 lead after three minutes had coach Ajtony Imreh doing happy dances on the sidelines. The performance of the girls from Noerdlingen, especially in defense, was brilliant, as was the 24:14 lead after 10 minutes. But Saarlouis is well positioned in this still so young season and came back. Under the sovereign direction of their Italian playmaker Peresson, the guests initially shortened the lead point by point, but Coach Imreh pushed his team to more intensity once again, relying on his complete squad as well, and his girls paid back: tremendous effort in defense and smart choices in throws formed the cornerstones of a deserved 44:30 halftime lead.

As much as the royal guests struggled, they just couldn’t get any closer. Whenever they tried to break through the psychologically important ten-point difference, Sami Hill, Anissa Pounds and Co. had an answer ready. Pounds in particular, with her Finnish composure and her eye for the situation, is increasingly becoming the rock of the owner’s offense. In an impressive manner, the Imreh squad creates their attacking situations and also has quite a few players who can execute without you knowing in advance who it will be this time. Canadian Meg Wilson and Finnish Elina Koskimies proved their scoring prowess several times against Saarlouis, with Wilson also earning merits in defense and rebounding.

With a 15-point lead and six minutes left in the game, the Angels suddenly began to lose concentration and inaccuracy. Was it the energy wear of a high-intensity game or the still not quite clear competence in dicey situations? The guests around ex-Angel Maggy Meynadier, by the way with only one German player in the line-up, did not give up and threw everything they had to offer onto the field. But the Angels had obviously learned the better lessons from the last two weekends, when they had met Saarlouis. An outstanding Sami Hill, who was seemingly everywhere on the field at once, led her Angels to an ultimately commanding victory and into the next round of the cup. This Angels team, I think it’s safe to say, will be a force to be reckoned with this season, even more so once US point guard Asha Thomas has cured her muscle injury and returns to training next week.

For the Angels played:
Mona Berlitz (4), Amenze Obanor, Elina Koskimies (15, 3 threes), Samantha Hill (14,1), Maria Dzinic (7), Mariam Haslé-Lagemann (3), Meg Wilson (15, 12 rebounds), Anissa Pounds (10), Bianca Helmig (7).

For Saarlouis, the standouts were:
Peresson (13.2), Cvijanovic (12).