EIGNER ANGELS successful in Luxembourg

From Friday to Sunday, the EIGNER ANGELS Nördlingen took part in an international tournament in Grengewald, Luxembourg. Here they were able to beat the host team from BBC Grengewald on Friday evening after a high-class game with 67:65. The Eurocup qualifier from Luxembourg was leading until shortly before the end. But an outstanding team cohesion and an excellent Sami Hill (24 points) turned the game around thanks to enormous physicality (14:28, 18:13, 18:11, 17:13) and brought the Rieserinnen a much celebrated and deserved victory. Coach Ajtony Imreh found appreciative words. „We were able to turn the game from minus 14 to plus 2, which means we have to continue our hard work in every practice because we were fitter than our opponent, especially in the second half. It was perfect teamwork again.“ Imreh still found room for improvement in defending one on one.

Less than 17 hours later, the Angels had to face another Eurocup contender in another overheated hall. The Panthers from Lieges (Liège) entered the tournament with the tallest player, the 1.96m tall US-American Brittany Brewer. She used her advantages under the basket for 21 points, despite very good defensive work of the Angels. However, the girls from Noerdlingen were not impressed by the imposing physical appearance of the Belgians and continued where they had left off the night before. Tough defense and a good offense brought a narrow 15:14 lead after the first quarter. In this quarter Marina Dzinic finally showed her qualities in attack. In the end, she scored 10 points. With increasing playing time one noticed the crater basketballerinnen however then the power wear of the previous day. Over a 28:33 to the half time the Panther pulled away on 40:52 and to the 53:70 final result. Nevertheless, the Rieserinnen showed morale in this game, worked their way back to under ten points and kept the defeat within limits. Also pleasing: Bianca Helmig, the second youngest player in the team, was the top scorer for the EIGNER ANGELS (13 points), after she had only four points on the scoreboard at the beginning of the second half.

Again less than 24 hours after the Liege game, the EIGNER Angels faced the promoted and upcoming Bundesliga rival Capitol BasCats Düsseldorf for their third and final tournament game. They lost their first game the day before against Saarlouis with 63:92 and won against Grengewald in the evening. Here, Coach Imreh wanted to practice the defense systems that had been rehearsed in view of the stresses and strains of the tournament, especially in one-on-one. But that did not succeed at first. 9:0 after two and a half minutes, two turnovers and little defensive work forced Angels coach Ajtony Imreh first once to a loud timeout. After three and a half minutes Anissa Pounds closed the gap with three threes (9:9). The EIGNER Angels were now awake. But the BasCats were also on top of their game and played the Angels‘ zone defense again and again (7th minute, 20:11). The team from Noerdlingen did not succeed in building up the usual defensive pressure and left too much to be desired, especially in the attack. They deservedly lost the first quarter with 24:16, because they allowed the BasCats too much „in their own house“, the zone. The start of the second quarter was diametrical to the first. 26:25 only after two minutes played and already the fifth three-pointer by Anissa Pounds. However, Coach Imreh rightly criticized the celebration of the successful catch-up and the easy points of Düsseldorf. In the 15th minute then the first lead for the Bundesligadino from Noerdlingen (34:32). If one attributed a high wear to the Rieserinnen, this showed up now with the Düsseldorferinnen, which had to play two games on the previous day. On the other hand, the defense of the Kraterbasketballerinnen now also stood. A deserved 43:38 against a bravely fighting Bundesliga climber was the result. If one considers the power wear of both teams, a lively exchange of blows developed. The Angels went ahead, the BasCats tried to keep up (28th minute, 54:49). But the Nördlingen girls could not be satisfied with the rebounding. Towards the end of the third quarter, the fitness of the Imreh team seemed to prevail again. Especially Meg Willson with two great steals and attentive defense was instrumental in the 58:49 lead. Crunch time began immediately after the start of the last quarter. Both teams went into this game with high intensity and got the last energy out of themselves. Once again, the „One“ team spirit of the Nördlingen EIGNER girls was evident. Rarely that Düsseldorf was outnumbered in fastbreaks, again and again the Angels helped themselves out. 64:55 was the score in the 35th minute when Mariam Hasle-Lagemann grabbed two important rebounds for the Northernlingers, which they were able to convert into four points and forced Düsseldorf to take a timeout (68:57). But Düsseldorf countered with a 6:0 run. The Angels in turn countered this with five points. Especially Elina Koskiemes was the rock in the last seconds and threw with two steals and three points the EIGNER Angels finally to the 74:69 victory against a strong climber from Dusseldorf after once again a clear deficit.

In total played in this tournament:
Mona Berlitz (2 points Grenewald /1 point Liege / 0 Düsseldorf), Elina Koskimies (7/7/10), Sami Hill (24/10/10), Marina Dzinic (6/10/4), Mariam Hasle-Lagemann (2/2/9), Meg Wilson (10/6/19), Anissa Pounds (13/4/15), Bianca Helmig (3/13/7).